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Parents/Guardians are advised to keep regular contact with the Warden. Consent of Parents/Guardians is mandatory at the time of admission to hostel.

Acts, which violate the accepted norms & rules regarding social, religious, civil, legal and cultural conduct (as defined by the Warden), are strictly prohibited.

A register is available at reception for you to register your complaints or suggestions with date.

Contact Warden if the issue is not resolved. If the matter in question still remains unresolved, please contact Hostel Superintendent, on Mobile No. 098262-64131.

Inform your name and room number to Hostel Guard and two Maids also. Address for correspondence should be provided in the following format:


Candidates Full Name :
Room No. : xxxxx
Lady Shriram Hostel
Lalitpur Colony,

(Madhya Pradesh)

Valuable goods should always be locked in a cupboard, almirah or cabinet.



Entrance Gate of hostel is closed by 8 PM sharp. If any hosteller is expected to return after 8 PM, she will have to inform in advance, the reason and purpose in writing, failing which entry will not be allowed without permission of the Warden.

Males shall not be allowed to enter the hostel without prior permission of the Warden.

Making loud noises and shouting in hostel is prohibited. Hostellers should use intercom for communication. Playing music at high volume is not allowed

As a rule, visits by boy-friends is strictly barred. Only those persons can meet the hostellers, whose name has been mentioned in the Admit/Entry-Card, this meeting must be brief and can last for 15 minutes at the most.

Warden has fixed 5 PM to 8 PM as Meeting time with visitors.

Please note that, your boy-friend(s) should neither come to pick you up from hostel nor should they drop you at hostel. Talking to any person in the vicinity of hostel, who is not recognised by the hostel management, is strictly prohibited.

If your room-partner has any problem with any of your friend(s) or acquaintance(s), please do not call them to your room.

In the case of any dispute, try to solve the matter mutually or with the help of seniors. The warden should be contacted only if the matter still remains unresolved.

Meeting with Warden is possible when she takes a round of the hostel daily between 6 PM and 7 PM.

Frequent phone calls from friend(s)/relative(s) or acquaintance(s) is not considered good, therefore, avoid such conduct.

Right-of-entry into the hostel vests absolutely in the Warden. Therefore, Warden can order or request any hosteller to leave the hostel with in a period of seven days, and in such case, she shall have to leave the hostel. However, any person found of being involved in serious irregularities can be ordered to leave immediately.

If you are leaving for home or going out after 8 PM, then mention the address of the place, you are going to, time when you will be returning to hostel and phone number(s) of the place (if available) along with your name & room number in the register.

Taking newspapers to your room is strictly prohibited. Newspapers can be read in common room and left there only.

Ragging is strictly prohibited. Anybody found involved in such activities will be expelled from the hostel straight away.

Friends and acquaintances of hostellers are not allowed to stay over night in the hostel. Make written request to Warden for the same and she may use her discretion in permitting for doing so.

Hostellers, who make monthly fee payments, should do so before seventh day of every month, failing which late fee @20% p.a. will be charged.

Full amount of fee is charged on taking admission or leaving the hostel in the middle of the month. If the hostel is left before the seventh day of the month, only half fee is charged. Likewise, if admission is taken after 15th day of the month then only half fee is charged.

Your female friend can stay in your room by paying Rs.100/- per day provided hosteller’s room partner has no objection. However, additional bed will not be arranged for this purpose.



Do not use exhaust-fan or computers etc. when generator is on.

Save Electricity and make sure to always put off lights and fans when leaving the room. There is a main switch outside every room, put it off.

Do not use electric kettle, iron or heater inside your room. Iron your clothes in Iron/Press room.


Other Facilities

Incoming telephone numbers of the hostel are (0751) 4073216/17 & 4085562. Hostellers can avail these telephones for incoming calls for a period of max. 5 minutes.  In any case, repeated transfer of calls will not be allowed.

Take written permission from the Warden before throwing a party on roof-top.

Hostellers should themselves clean their rooms, vessel and clothes etc. Though, hostel has engaged ‘maids” for cleaning hostel lobbies and toilets/bathrooms for which they are paid by the management.  However, a ‘maid’ (among hostel’s maids) can be engaged on part-time basis for such personal work, but maid/maids, so engaged should not be disturbed when they are on their duty.

T.V. time is till 11 PM only. After that watching TV is not allowed.



Kitchen is meant to be used for tea and snacks only. Cooking of other food(s) is not allowed.


Health & Hygiene

It is the moral duty of every resident/hosteller to keep the hostel clean. Throw the garbage in dustbin only. If any litter is found, inform the ‘maid’.

Sanitary napkins should be put away in the dustbins only, that too duly enveloped in a polythene. Flushing them down the Toilet, which may results in choking of sewer lines.

If any hostellers catches / suffering from contagious illness, she should leave the hostel at once. She will have to stay at hospital/Local guardian till she gets fit and fine.

No bills or graffiti is allowed on the walls.



Hostellers will have to abide by all other rules & regulations which might be issued from time to time.


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